BOTANY1After ‘Anchor’, the splendid first single from his volcano-inspired debut album ‘Lava Diviner (Truestory)’, out Oct 29th via Western Vinyl, Botany otherwise known as Spencer Stephenson, shares a new gem: ‘Simple Creatures’, which features vocals from LA singer/songwriter RYAT.

The Texan producer’s warm, inviting beats showcases what can be expected from the upcoming album, twinkling notes and gently hard-hitting drum beats galore…

On his debut album’s wonderful proto-new age soundscapes and intensely personal journey, Stephenson explains: “On Lava Diviner, I wanted to conjure that same headspace that artists like Roger Dean, and even Zdzislaw Beksinski project in their iconic paintings, I tried to evoke those grand, colourful, surreal landscapes that are mind-bending yet oddly comforting – sci-fi and epic and holy, all at the same time.”

“As work on the record progressed, I began to realize that the musical journey was a direct reflection of my most hard-to-quantify life experiences.

“Lava Diviner is about very real transformations in my being, so it’s a true story in that sense… I always imagined my first album being like a volcano, with years of pent-up emotion and musical ideas bubbling up to a cathartic release. So, I always knew that symbolism would end up being a part of my first full-length.”

Download for free Soup Boys (Botany Remix):