Fieldskills Ltd, an international expedition company with a UK and Borneo base who are highly regarded for their adventure training, supporting safe fieldwork overseas, and providing rigging expertise so that TV crews can film in tricky spots, has come up with an extreme alternative to the UK’s three peaks event, the Sabah three peak jungle challenge .This 14 day trip, starting and ending in Kota Kinabalu Borneo, includes two days jungle training in the UK ahead of the start date. Challenge seekers will learn about tropical forest safety including living in a hammock, jungle survival skills, navigation and lost procedures.

With the induction part over participants can set off for the real adventure of climbing the three highest peaks in Sabah, North Borneo testing out skills learned in the UK.

Whilst all three peaks have been climbed before, Mount Kinabalu the highest is well visited, the other peaks of Trusmadi and Tamboyukon are very rarely visited. These two lower peaks offer a far greater challenge in terms of remote expedition experiences. And no one has tried to do all three in one expedition until now.

Fieldskills UK based director, Dominic Hall who is running this expedition, said: “Our first peak, Gunung Tamboyukon, is the most rarely climbed. This is the third highest peak in Sabah.

This will take us four days of jungle trekking, camping in remote spots to get up and down. Then we will continue to Trusmadi, a beautiful and again fairly rarely visited jungle peak which offers beautiful views across to the final peak, Mount Kinabalu. From here we take the less touristy and dramatic Mesilau route to the summit.”

Furthermore adds Dom: “As with all our trips we will put everything into place with qualified mountain leaders with many years climbing experience in Borneo, the State’s top mountain guides, well thought-out food and supplements and all the right equipment for adverse weather or emergency response. Still only time will tell exactly what will happen!”

If you are up for the challenge it costs £1795 per person and there are two dates on offer: Sat 22nd October and Sat 5th November.

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