FM PREMIERE: The Mortal Prophets – John Beckmann’s experimental rock project is back and shining again

Here's the deal: these tracks, whether they're covers or not, are super engaging and fascinating.
9th June 2023

The Mortal ProphetsJohn Beckmann‘s experimental rock project in NYC is back and shining again. The no wave/Experimental avant-garde blues artist, unleashed Born Under A Bad Sign, from his soon-to-drop album Dealey Plaza Blues out July 28 via all DSPs.

His take on Born Under A Bad Sign really showcases his skill as a visionary artist and composer; he has an appetite to create something new and often ahead of its time. Every creative spirit needs this kind of passion!

Beckmann‘s baritone is the star of its dark version of Born Under A Bad Sign, offering a haunting yet stable presence against a dreamlike atmosphere. You will be taken into a dreamlike state while listening to this track, not thinking about where you are or when it will end.

The New York-based artistic visionary dropped another sneak peek of his upcoming album Dealey Plaza Blues, giving a fresh twist to the classic track Down On Me.

He says: Down On Me is a traditional freedom song from the 1920s or earlier that became popular following its remake by Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company. But the version I first heard was a very early recording by Eddie Head and His Family (1930), on the John Fahey compilation called American Primitive Vol 1: Raw Pre-war Gospel (Revenant 206). My version reimagines the song and turns it into an over-the-top electro-blues”

Here’s the deal: these tracks, whether they’re covers or not, are super engaging and fascinating. You will end up addicted and incapable of resisting their charm. That’s different from any other record. It’s both new and exciting, but also heartwarming because it has familiar sounds that you know.

Mark your calendars – Dealey Plaza Blues will drop on all streaming platforms on July 28th! Be sure not to miss out.