Bonneville’s ‘Boogeyman’: A Time-Traveling Groove Experience

"This track leans a little more old school than the others, and I wanted to incorporate strings and capture that late 70's east coast R&B movie sound."
9th November 2023

Bonneville comes forth as a dynamic powerhouse of retro soul, seamlessly blending authenticity with innovation. Comprising the skillful duo of Jeff Hayashi and Wes McGee, the band is on their new single, Boogeyman​, masterfully intertwines the enduring essence of classic soul with a contemporary twist, promising listeners a captivating fusion of the timeless and the modern.

Bonneville’s second album, Flying Machine, ​showcases their unwavering passion for music and commitment to genuine self-expression. ​ The spotlight, however, is on Boogeyman, the album’s second single, where Bonneville skillfully preserves the soulful grooves of the past while infusing their own contemporary flavor. The track pays homage to the inner city soul music of the early 70s, channeling the energy and essence of that era with a fearless embrace.

Guitarist Jeff Hayashi sheds light on the inspiration behind Boogeyman, stating, “This track leans a little more old school than the others, and I wanted to incorporate strings and capture that late 70’s east coast R&B movie sound.” Lead vocalist Wes McGee, channeling the spirits of Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, and Randy Crawford, infuses the song with the soulful spirit of the early 70s.

The lyrics of Boogeyman delve into the universal archetype of the Boogeyman, drawing parallels between the traditional figure used by parents to instill fear and discipline and the influence of modern corporate media on society. The narrative unfolds a story where the Boogeyman becomes a metaphor for the constant fear perpetuated by corporate media, manipulating society and keeping it in a perpetual state of anxiety for control.

In the studio, Bonneville collaborated with GRAMMY®-recognized producer Starita to fine-tune the arrangement of Boogeyman. The result is a track that exudes darkness and urgency while maintaining its infectious, groovy essence.

Drawing inspiration from funk, soul, and 70s R&B legends like Bobby Womack, The Spinners, Sly and the Family Stone, and Tower of Power, Boogeyman serves as a time machine, transporting listeners to a bygone era while cleverly maintaining a fresh and contemporary edge—a feat that Bonneville accomplishes with finesse once again.

As the release of Flying Machine approaches, Bonneville stands poised to captivate audiences with their seamless blend of nostalgia and innovation, proving that their dynamic retro soul is not just a homage to the past but a bold step into the future of soulful music.

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