Bob Geldof joins Hollywood star Dustin Hoffman in Australian TV ad

By Andrea Clarke
Photo by Fabrizio Belluschi
IRISH singer Bob Geldof has joined tennis bad boy John McEnroe and Hollywood actor Dustin Hoffman to promote Australian telecommunications company Telstra.

The global celebrities appear in Telstar’s advertising campaign for its Next G cellular service, comprising of 30 second and 15 second television commercials, cinema, outdoor, print and online publicity, all to be rolled out over the next year.
In the ad, Geldof is seen being escorted from a plane by security after refusing to turn off his mobile phone, shouting, “This wouldn’t happen in Australia”.
Similarly tennis star John McEnroe has a hissy fit in a lift after his mobile phone stops working. He screams, “This wouldn’t happen in Australia” as he smashes the phone and storms off.
Academy Award Winning actor Dustin Hoffman is seen talking on his mobile phone on a movie set.
After Hoffman’s American assistant hangs up on him, Oz actress Rachael Carpani tells him “This wouldn’t happen in Australia”, to which he replies, “I’m moving”.
According to Telstra the campaign will “contrast the capability of Telstra’s Next G network against the shortcomings of other mobile networks – both international and in Australia”.