Enthralling London-based producer and vocalist Bo Rocha – the new solo project by Kate Sproule – shares the video to her second single titled ‘Angel Eyes’. Bo describes the strong tune like this: “There’s no room for sympathy or mercy in ‘Angel Eyes’. It’s the driving seat, it’s taking charge, it’s expressing explicitly without insecurity. It’s about being a bad bitch.”

Speaking about the video, directed by Ryan Andrews, Bo says: “I was looking to create an atmosphere and bring out everything I had in mind when writing it. I was obsessing over street racing culture at the time, the adrenaline-seeking craziness of burnouts, and the recklessness mixed with pride and grandiosity that goes with it. So, I wanted the video to be controlled but frenetic at the same time”

Bo’s sparkling vivid first offering was ‘Tangerine Flake’.

Both tracks were produced in her homemade studio in West London.