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BLVCK VIØLET shares the infectious sound of ‘lonely in love’

"I don’t know you anymore / We used to drive away for long weekends / But now my seat is taken by your friends / I’m getting used to being second best"
2nd February 2024

Harrison Walker and Sam Hurst, the dynamic duo behind BLVCK VIØLET, are the creative masterminds propelling their latest musical project forward. Their new single, lonely in love, released via Salt House Records, embarks on an emotionally rich exploration of a love story that’s both enchanting and poignant.

Drawing from Sam Hurst’s own eight-year relationship journey, lonely in love delves into the sweet yet painful story of love enduring yet strained by the test of time, highlighting the strong connections and the unavoidable obstacles that come with it.​ 

This effortlessly resonates with anyone who has navigated the complexities of sustaining a connection in a long-term relationship.​ The song’s lines like lonely in love and stranger cradled in my arms, neatly capture the essence of two individuals coming to terms with the fact that they have grown apart.

BLVCK VIØLET distinguishes themselves through their skill in conveying deep emotional experiences, capturing not just the sorrow of separation but also the comfort found in shared understanding and acceptance.​  Lines from the song, “I don’t know you anymore / We used to drive away for long weekends / But now my seat is taken by your friends / I’m getting used to being second best” exemplify the depth of their storytelling, leaving listeners longing for more of their articulate expressions of life’s most delicate moments.

Photo by @trimby_photgraphy

The duo’s sound, a harmonious blend of heavy beats and smooth melodies, draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of artists, including Post Malone, Sam Tomkins, and Holly Humberstone. This unique musical approach has not only defined their signature style but has also garnered them widespread recognition. Their talent was spotlighted when they secured a top-five position in a national competition, leading to a coveted Live Lounge spot on BBC Introducing Solent, a testament to their rising prominence in the music industry.

BLVCK VIØLET’s adventure kicked off in January 2022, as Walker and Hurst, through Zoom meetings, unearthed a mutual musical ethos. This partnership has blossomed into an engaging R&B pop vibe, characterized by its self-made and intimate nature. Their dedication to merging lively instrumentals with profound lyrics has enchanted listeners, solidifying their status as an essential live act.

With a recent signing to Salt House Records and a publishing deal with Big Hug Publishing, BLVCK VIØLET’s trajectory is on an impressive rise. The duo is now preparing for an EP release and a series of festival appearances and live shows in 2024, promising more opportunities for fans to experience their compelling narratives and infectious sound.