Oslo-based electro-pop duo BLØSH – Madrid-born cellist and singer Teresa Bernabé and Oslo-native guitarist Jørgen Berg Selva – unveil the smart and vivid video for their new single, ‘Give It Away’

The duo explain: “The video tries to show how a band is viewed from the eyes of a fan and how that world can be very different from the reality. It’s definitely meant to be taken with a pinch of humour.”

Shot in Oslo, the visuals were directed by Jørgen Nordby Henriksen and Simen Skari Sandbæk (Team Me), who says: “Music has a unique ability to gather people from totally different backgrounds. No matter what age, education, religion, culture…we can always get together around music.”

Speaking about the shining single, produced by Grammy nominee Øyvind Gundersen, the eclectic duo say: “‘Give It Away’ is about not taking life – or the situations that life puts you in – too seriously”.

The new single is the perfect follow up to their splendid ‘Can’t Afford to Lose You’, and ‘Keep Your Tongue’.

We can’t wait for BLØSH’s forthcoming debut album, set to drop in February 2016.

Photo by Birgit Solhaug