bloom twins3Ukrainian Dark Pop princesses Bloom Twins – Anna and Sonia Kuprienko – 
Moved to London to improve their art and the culture they found shocked them. 

Coming from such a different backdrop, one would dread that these eighteen year old might become enamored by the great city life… Instead, they felt disconnected to the materialistic, narcissistic lifestyles of most people their age, and became more and more committed to each other and their music…

You moved to London to improve your art and culture…Are you still enchanted by the big city life?

Of course we are still enchanted by the big city life, by London. You can always find some little things that will get you inspired. I (Anna) remember the time when I first came here. I was really excited, honoured and passionate about my aim. It hasn’t changed at all. I’m still wondering how many things I can discover here. I love London. I love busy life. I love creative life.bloom twins4Can you tell us 5 things about the splendid video for ‘Blue’

Masculinity and Wilderness, desperation, desire, love

Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?

Our surroundings. Real life Stories we happened to either witness or be part of. A rainy day can also be just as inspiring as a sunny day on hustling and bustling London Streets.

Having appeared in Tank, iD, Schon and Vogue Italy, Russia and Ukraine… and on the catwalk at London Fashion Week – how important is fashion for you?

Fashion is part of us. Fashion is also a form of art that sends a strong message out. Just like music it shows our character, our mood. What you wear emphasises the story you are telling with music. Bloom TwinsWhat do you miss the most of growing up in a small Ukrainian town outside Kiev?

We miss our family, friends we grew up with. Because they made us, who we are right now.

The crisis in your homeland…How do you see it?

It’s painful to watch. It’s frightening. It hurts. And brings feelings of uneasiness. We are not politicians, hence it’s hard to see a full picture. But whatever the full picture is, the sovereignty of a country should be respected and diplomacy put in action.

One too many people died only cause they wanted to have a better future and a right to speak. Our country turned into a battlefield and is being torn apart and at times you do think whether it has anything to do with ukraine at all.

What are your fondest musical memories in your house?

My family is quite musical. We always had music blasting in our house, and if it’s not us playing on instruments, or if it’s not our sister – it’s the Beatles or some other cool English band.

Our family showed us the beauty music withholds, something you can’t describe with words. You have to listen and feel it. Bloom Twins2What are your dreams and goals?

Our dream is to be able to do music, to share it with others. To Create something that will inspire other people, will help them to achieve something, to pull through something, to sooth them or will make their day happier.

Tell us about your next show and why we should be there

Our next show is on 2d of July, “Kings sessions”.

We are very experimental. We use different instruments. And some instruments are only used on some gigs, then they are replaced by something else. Paul love, for instance can play drums and Glog at the same time, and Sonya can strike a solo on harmonica, then Paul on Saw and I have to keep them “in check” with my piano melodies. We love what we do, we enjoy sharing it with others. And that’s what makes them unique. Every show has something unique about it.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Anna: My main influences are “Radiohead”, Kevin Spacey, Milan Kundera, Dostoyevskiy, Rachmaninov .

What do you have planned next?

Right now we are working on our EP. Planing to release it this year.

By Fabrizio Belluschi ©