Bliss Carmxn share vulnerable single ‘Big Enough’ ahead of EP release

"What’s left is the emotion of the song which is something tender, in the knowing, in the decision that the love you have is big enough. The EP acts like a relationship in reverse"
18 April 2024
Photo by Jon Revell

Big Enough is a song by London-based singer-songwriter Bliss Carmxn that explores the complexities of love. This emotionally charged track foreshadows their forthcoming EP, Hold My Hand And I’ll Hold Yours, scheduled for release in May 2024. Shifting away from their typical upbeat style, the song embraces a stripped-back approach, emphasizing raw vocals, piano, and strings.

Bliss Carmxn’s EP Hold My Hand And I’ll Hold Yours, released via Open Love Records, promises a narrative journey, mirroring the cyclical nature of relationships. Starting at the end and concluding at the beginning, the EP offers a blend of vulnerability, strength, tenderness, and joy, reminding listeners of the endless possibilities inherent in every new chapter.

Big Enough serves as the third single from the EP, following the release of Hey Oh Hey and Hear. Each track showcases a different aspect of Bliss Carmxn’s musical identity, demonstrating their versatility and depth as an artist.

Photo by Oli Raptor

Bliss Carmxn explains: “Big Enough is the realization that no love is everything, but sometimes it’s enough. The song came out of a rocky time in a relationship, wondering whether to stay or move on. But it turns out that maybe even though neither of us can be all the other needs, we are something to each other, and maybe, just maybe our love is big enough. Originally, the track was an upbeat tresillo rhythm, composed with island mallets, and deep bass. One day in the studio, after tracking the piano, my producer asked me to sing the lyrics for their meaning, and out came a tender, fragile vocal, that became the foundation for a stripped back and reworked arrangement: piano, strings, and voice. What’s left is the emotion of the song which is something tender, in the knowing, in the decision that the love you have is big enough. The EP acts like a relationship in reverse. We start at the end and end at the beginning. It’s a vulnerable, fierce, soft and joyful set of tracks that reminds us there’s always a new beginning when we draw a line in the sand.”

Artwork by Pati de Souza Leao Müller

Formerly known as Adam Kaasa, Bliss Carmxn is a songwriter, performer, and self-proclaimed dancing soul. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences including Perfume Genius, Daft Punk, Paul Simon, and Marina, their music explores themes of love, loss, desire, and ambition.

Bliss Carmxn’s journey to self-discovery and creative expression has been marked by courage and authenticity. Initially leaving music behind due to fears of revealing their true self, they emerged as Bliss Carmxn in 2017, proudly embracing their queer identity and releasing their debut single Alone Together.

Beyond their solo endeavors, Bliss Carmxn has contributed to various causes, including LGBTQ earthquake solidarity efforts in Turkey and Syria. Their dedication to meaningful collaboration and authentic expression has earned them recognition and acclaim in the music industry.

Full Credits for Big Enough:

– Performed by Bliss Carmxn (@blisscarmxn)
– Music and lyrics by Adam Kaasa (@adamkaasa)
– Produced and Mixed by Rookes (@iamrookes)
– Piano Engineered by Ary Maudit (@am_prodmusic)
– Mastered by Katie Tavini (@katietavini) at Weird Jungle (@weird_jungle)
– Recorded on location at Ten87 Studios (@ten87studios) and Strongroom Music Studios (@strongroom.studios) in London
– Cover Art Direction by Pati de Souza Leao Müller (@patidesouza)
– Photography by Oli Raptor (@oliraptor)