BLEU ROI | The Complicated Relationship Betweeen Light And Dark

Bleu Roi is a Swiss indie-pop quartet led by vocalist Jennifer Jans. The other members include: Imogen Jans on keys, Axel Rüst on guitar and Stefan Rüst on drums. We’ve featured the band here before, but we haven’t had the opportunity to celebrate a full record release from them just yet. Last Friday the group finally unveiled a concept record entitled Dark / Light. As the title suggests, this seven song collection is a very mindful meditation on the most primordial binary known to man– exploring the complex relationship between these complimentary opposites. 

The material was recorded at the legendary Svenska Grammfonstudion in Gothenburg, Sweden, which, I suppose, explains why it has this classy Swedish pop sensibility about it. Fans of Lykkle Li, Florence + the Machine and even Charli XCX, will all find something to feast on here. The strength of these songs lies in the fact that they are very accessible, yet moody and far from banal. As per the band’s request, we would like to leave you off with the closing song from the record, a dreamy, pensive number called Front Yard. Enjoy. 


Photo by Stefan Rüst