By Frank Bell

Netherlands star Blanks, presents a slice of rather engaging sun-kissed indie pop, with his convincing EP, cheap sodas and ice cream kisses.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

Every time I’m in another country and I get recognised on the street! It’s so insane to me that people from all over the world know my music, it’s something I can’t really get used to haha!

What advice would you give for aspiring musicians?

Hone your craft! Don’t spend a month on one track but make new songs as often as possible, practice the process. And along that, try to find an audience online. There are so many ways you can find people who’ll love what you’re doing, find what works for you and do that!

Which artists have had the biggest impact on your songwriting style?

I love pop and alternative: Tame Impala, Ryan Tedder and Jon Bellion are some of my favourites. I feel like Ryan Tedder and Jon Bellion (as songwriter) have influenced by songwriting style, and Tame Impala influenced my production style in some way.

Describe your new EP, cheap sodas and ice cream kisses, in three words.

Sun-kissed indie pop!

Who are your biggest non-musical inspirations?

I’d say either Gary Vee or David Dobrik! I love how Gary Vee fathoms social media and entrepreneurship and how passionately he speaks on that. And I just love how David basically build an empire by hanging out with his friends and sharing them having fun haha.