Blake Rave returns with raw emotion in new single ‘Lesson in Disappointment’

"Ripped from the pages of my dating diary, this song is about being let down by someone I had really high hopes for"
3 April 2024

London-based singer-songwriter Blake Rave is back in the spotlight with his latest single, Lesson in Disappointment. Departing from his usual style, Rave ventures into rock territory with this track, showcasing electric guitar riffs by Dan Barracuda and punchy drums by Daniel Weeks. Through poignant lyrics and a crisp vocal delivery, Rave delves into the familiar theme of romantic turmoil, offering listeners a witty yet heartfelt perspective on the trials of love.

Despite his London base, Rave’s musical roots trace back to the heartland of the U.S., and he draws inspiration from both locales to craft his distinctive sound. Reflecting on his lifelong connection to music, Rave shares, “As far back as I can remember, music has always been my best friend, even when I felt like I had nothing, I knew I always had music”.

Rave’s musical repertoire is as varied as it is genuine. Tracks like Oxygen promote self-care and healing, while the Pride anthem Love is Love serves as a powerful tribute to equality. With over 33,000 streams, “Home” has resonated with audiences worldwide, earning placements in cafes and shops across continents. Rave’s ability to infuse his music with authenticity and sincerity has earned him praise from both critics and fans alike.

Recorded at WWWStudios in South London, Lesson in Disappointment captures a raw and authentic essence. The orchestration, featuring sweeping strings, adds a cinematic depth to the track, amplifying its emotional impact. Drawing from personal experiences, Rave reveals, “Ripped from the pages of my dating diary, this song is about being let down by someone I had really high hopes for“. Despite its melancholic undertones, Rave infuses the track with a sense of optimism and self-awareness.

Fans eager to experience Rave’s dynamic stage presence firsthand can catch him live at upcoming performances, including an LGBTQ+ Songwriter Showcase at Ted’s Place in London on April 8th, followed by a show at The District in Sioux Falls, SD on April 12th. These performances promise an intimate opportunity to witness Rave’s heartfelt performances and captivating stage presence.