Black Sea Dahu | There Is A Beauty In Drowning

There is a peculiar type of beauty to be found in the act of drowning, the metaphor, of course, not the real thing. Especially, if you see drowning as a type of surrender, a conscious relinquishing of control. No Fire In The Sand, Black Sea Dahu’s new EP is certainly about this type of mindful submission and abandon. The message I get here is simple and sobering: you wade into water and search for its consuming depths simply because there is nothing or rather nobody waiting for you on the shore. 

This is music about love experienced as its absence – a contemplation on the negative space that you will eventually start to fill with your own being simply because the body (or bodies) which formerly occupied it are no longer there. You will be forced to come to terms with your personal loss and, strangely, you will also find strength in embracing this existential loneliness. 

The music to be found here is, to quote the press release “a shade darker and deeper” than what the group had offered on their critically acclaimed debut (White Creatures). And, as far as I’m concerned, this is a good thing! Autumn just started and I’m already waking up to a mild, sweet scent of depression. As far as songs are concerned, Demian is by far my favourite, but How You Swallowed Your Anger is a fucking hit! 

Black Sea Dahu are on tour now and will finally be coming to the UK…Check the dates below! 

Oct 17 2019 – FR, Paris, Mama Festival
Nov 28 2019 – FR, Limoges, El Doggo
Nov 30 2019 – UK, Faversham, The Hot Tin
Dec 01 2019 – UK, Newcastle, Bobiks
Dec 03 2019 – UK, London, The Grace
Dec 04 2019 – UK, Manchester, The Castle Hotel
Dec 06 2019 – BE, Eupen, Schlachthof
Jan 16 2020 – NL, Amsterdam, Paradiso
Jan 17 2020 – NL, Groningen, Eurosonic Festival