marc ford holy ghost1The Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford, opens up about his quieter life in the Californian surf town of San Clemente and his outstanding new album ‘Holy Ghost’, produced with Phantom Limb and released via Naim Edge Records on April 14th.

The fabled former lead guitarist with the Black Crowes has been the leader of his own bands, a session player of choice with Govt. Mule, Ben Harper and many others, and producer of acclaimed acts from Ryan Bingham to Phantom Limb. ‘Holy Ghost’ will undoubtedly stand as one of the finest Americana releases of 2014.

Nice to meet you Marc..

Can you introduce your new (splendid) album ‘Holy Ghost’? Why that title?

Well, thank you. I love this record and in the process of waiting to make it, 

I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know Holy Ghost. And I think it sounds 

better than Holy Spirit.

How would you describe a typical recording day at Rockfield in Wales and 

the Shed in Bath, with your fellow Limb members?

It all went so fast and easy. At Rockfield we spent three days tracking. We 

all set up, got our sounds and knocked ‘em out. I would sing the song for 

them and then when everyone was getting their parts together we would hit 

record and have it, usually in the first or second take.

These guys are such great players. I mean, they can all play circles around 

me. They’re genius is in what they didn’t play. They all serve the song.

Your wife Kirsten is on vocals, and your son Elijah, on guitars…Have you 

ever thought,”this is what life was made for”?

It most definitely is amazing having family involved. You know, it was 

credited a little wrong regarding Elijah’s role. He sang on every track. We 

tracked the record sitting face to face with acoustic guitars. He has a huge 

presence on the record. We recorded Kirsten’s vocals later on sending files 

back and forth. I will say this, when family sings together, it is so easy. 

Everything just seems to blend naturally. It is what life was made for.

 Marc Ford 10 credit Jessie Lee Cederblom (2)Who and what has helped you the most get to where you are today?

Family and friends and Holy Ghost

What are your biggest career regrets and your most awesome memories?

Getting to play with long time hero’s like Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil 

Young, Page and Plant, Booker T. I learned so much from just being near 

these people. The relationships that were made and most of all the music 

was always so much fun. 

If I have any regrets, they would be about me and my inability to handle 

situations, which I took personally, and then made bad decisions. And then, 

it all got me here didn’t it?

What do you miss most about of your glorious days with The Black 


Again, the music was always the main thing. The adventure, realizing the 

boyhood dream of “making it”. It was all very exciting for a while.

What kind of music do you listen to these days?

I usually stay to the things that have always inspired me. As for new 

records, I love Richard Thompson’s ‘Electric’ and Dr. John’s ‘Locked Down’

I heard some of Beck’s new record today and it’s beautiful.

Are you planning UK dates around the release of ‘Holy Ghost’?

Yes we’re starting the tour in Camden at Jazz Cafe and after we run 

through Europe we’ll finish with a week or so in the UK. You can get the 

dates on my website

‘Holy Ghost’ will be released on Naim Edge Records on April 14th.

By Fabrizio Belluschi © ford holy ghost2