BKNOTT Gives Us A Psychedelic Experience Via SPEED OF LIGHT

By Moni Bell

Bknott is giving us a psychedelic experience wrapped up in chilled West Coast vibes with his latest release Speed of Light.

The Brooklyn-based artist aims to push the boundaries of hip hop as a genre everytime he creates a track and after nailing his last releases  “Ambrosia” and “Genetik, Pt. 2” Bknott has done it again.

Speed Of Light sends us on a serious sonic journey with funky bass lines, eccentric synths and bright, sparkling productions. The trap beats uniquely keep us on our toes while the downtempo brings us back down to earth. Bknott explains the meaning behind the track’s trap-y beats and lyrical storytelling: “Consciousness moves faster than the speed of light. But once you’re in the cosmos, elevated to a higher existence, time slows down.”

Bknott hails from Alabama and his music is most often compared to artists like Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, and Lil Wayne. This downtempo track has us all but laying down and looking up at the universe!