Björk, Lykke Li, FKA Twigs – what do they all have in common?

The answer: they all look more stylish than a Gucci fashion blowout. Indeed, just ploughing through one of their uber-cool music videos can be as deflating as it is toe-tapping – as you sit in your hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and trainers, looking as stylish as these three artists seems about as likely as riding a stallion to the moon.

But don’t fret – there’s more to looking cool than fancy clothes and an entourage of designers (although that helps). What you need is a few pointers to make you feel like you’re on the A-list.

So, what can you do?
Lykke Li gucci2Get your hair in check

Do your legs bristle to the touch? Do people regularly mistake you for Dougal from the Magic Roundabout?

Do you accidentally develop a natural coat for the winter?

Then it’s time to get rid of that hair. There are loads of ways you can shed those pesky follicles.

But shaving and waxing are only temporary measures.

If you’ve got hairs that grow rapidly, it’s time to invest in laser hair removal.

After a maximum of six sessions, these lasers will have lovingly and painlessly scythed off your hairs at the root, meaning they’ll never grow back.

It’ll leave you looking great during bikini season, and stylish all year round.
spring-breakers1 (1)
This time fitness is personal

How do the A-listers get those toned abs and rippling physiques? Well, they don’t do it alone.

Personal trainers are all the rage on the fashion circuit. They’ll motivate you into the perfect fitness pattern, advise you on the ideal dieting tips and turn your chubby tum into hardened steel.

And while the finest might be out of your price range, most private gyms offer a variety of friendly but firm trainers to give your unfocused workout the precision of a flying arrow.

They might seem a bit pricey, but your exercise routine will be markedly improved with a pro at your side. So, pony up the cash and see your fitness levels soar.

Don the DIY-aesthetic

Can you imagine someone like Bjork heading down to H&M to pick up a high street dress? Probably not – because she’s a style maverick shooting down banality with a gun-shaped microphone.

And although she hires an elite set of designers, the DIY look of her work never fades – and it adds to her sense of style.

Get in on the act – make your own dresses, attach your personality to everything you wear and tear up those high street articles.

Fashion and style should only ever be extensions of personality. Flaunt yours shamelessly.