By Vee D

Taking the edge of this cold winter’s morning is Binoy’s latest contribution, Sunset Season. Coming off the back of the release of his late-2020 hit Silver Lake, new track Sunset Season is the perfect listen to remove the chill from the air. 

Floating away in the memory of happier times under the summer sun with your loved ones, Sunset Season is bewitching from the very first note. Boasting a ethereal soundscape that is entirely unique to Binoy, Sunset Season is a funk filled track dripping with style and charm, this alternative pop track makes for a captivating listening experience. 

“I wrote Sunset Season in dedication to the close group of friends I have around me.” Binoy shared, “it represents the distinct comfort of a close bond, like glancing up at an unexpectedly beautiful sunset that can melt even the worst of days into a moment of warmth.” 

Having already released a slew of high quality tracks in 2020, Sunset Season is the sonic step-up of an already remarkable emerging artist.