Billions Of Comrades stir the pot with ‘TETONS’ music video

"For this music video, we were lucky enough to be surrounded by Amy Plégie for the sploshing (a colorful, fluid and gourmand fetish) and the whole Jekyll N' Hyde team for the images"
4 April 2024
Photo by Delphine Gilson

Championing Freedom and Equality in Upcoming Album ‘TROTOP’

The Belgium-based quartet, Billions Of Comrades, unveils the bizarre yet intriguing music video for their single TETONS. track offers a sneak peek into their forthcoming album, TROTOP, a project meticulously designed for live performances. It is scheduled for release on April 12, 2024, through Rockerill and Black Basset Records.

Discussing the unique video, a nipple becomes a symbol for charm and feminist protest against issues like double standards and censorship. It’s vital to support this cause, championing respect, kindness, and total equality. The band states:

For this music video, we were lucky enough to be surrounded by Amy Plégie for the sploshing (a colorful, fluid and gourmand fetish) and the whole Jekyll N’ Hyde team for the images, a perfect match that allowed us to visually translate the frenzy and colors of our music. Eroticism of our body parts, playful color sploshing and an ode to nipples of all kinds support the lyrics. Perhaps everyone’s freedom begins with a nipple. For us, it’s clear #freethenipple & #freeteton

Known for their dynamic blend of organic and synthetic sounds, Billions Of Comrades masterfully navigate through asymmetrical structures, headbanger beats, and chanted vocals. Their music, teeming with adrenaline and drenched in sweat, embodies the essence of dance punk. This style, inherently vibrant and energetic, is not only a staple in their online presence but truly comes alive during their electrifying live performances.

TROTOP is an album brimming with a potent mix of love, danceable energy, and socially conscious themes across its seven tracks. From the liberating anthem TETONS that advocates for gender-neutral freedom to OUR HOURS – a song that emerged post-pandemic as a celebration of togetherness. Each track, including SCAB AALO PAM, a stand against police violence with a hopeful outlook, and UNITÁ, an Italo dance number that preaches acceptance, contribute to the album’s narrative of freedom and inclusivity. Other tracks like BOOMGANG, 1480, and CABRA further showcase the band’s versatility, touching on themes from consent and local pride to international experiences.

At its core, TROTOP champions freedom through its eclectic musical styles, multilingual lyrics, and collaborations that embody feminist, militant, progressive, and benevolent spirits. The project has involved a diverse range of talents including Ophélie Lhuire for illustration, Gil Mortio and Laurent Eyen for studio production, and features from artists like Mike Watt and Madame Patate. The visuals accompanying the album’s singles have been crafted by creative minds such as Letizia Finizio, Haris Pilton, Thomas Mazure, and Delphine Gilson, showcasing the band’s commitment to a visually immersive experience.

Billions Of Comrades is inspired by the solidarity term “Comrades!” from their hometown of Tubize, embodying this spirit of camaraderie and defiance in their music and collective decisions.  With a rich history of concerts, tours across Europe and Africa, festival appearances, and accolades including a win at the Concours Circuit in 2012, the band has consistently pushed the boundaries of music and culture. Their previous albums, GRAIN (2013) and RONDATE (2016), received critical acclaim, and their diverse projects have ranged from prison concerts to collaborative EPs.

As they gear up for the release of TROTOP, Billions Of Comrades aims to inspire a future brimming with enthusiasm, inclusivity, and freedom. With music, love, and affection, they call on their comrades to join in dismantling the status quo and forging a vibrant, inclusive future.

TROTOP will be available exclusively in digital and vinyl formats. You can pre-order it here.