Billie Bottle’s Temple of Shibboleth leaves you with magical and mythical feelings

Their first self-titled album and it's awesome - 12 tracks full of creative and really inspirational songs, all about housekeeping.
31 March 2023

Billie Bottle put together the musical project ‘Temple of Shibboleth’. She’s a talented singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and artist. Bottle played with famed Canterbury prog musician Dave Sinclair of cult band Caravan and has a long and solid musical relationship with renowned jazz musicians such as Kate and Mike Westbrook.

Billie Bottle’s Temple of Shibboleth has just released their first self-titled album and it’s awesome – 12 tracks full of creative and really inspirational songs, all about housekeeping.

Billie Bottle brings a feeling of pleasure and positivity to the table throughout the album. A mixture of different styles including prog, jazz and pop – all with a magical and mythical sentiment.

With music featuring elements of Gong, Canterbury and Henry Cow, along with a touch of pop influence on its songwriting, for this project, we’ve got Billie Bottle playing piano, guitar, bass and singing, Viv Goodwin-Darke on flute and vocals (The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet/Magic Bus), Roz Harding on alto sax (Mike Westbrook bands/SUPERMOOD), Anna Batson on bassoon and vocals (an impressive singer/songwriter) and very popular drummer Emma Holbrook. Richard Sinclair, from Caravan and Hatfield & The North, plays bass on the album too.

Temple of Shibboleth began when Billie Bottle escaped from the circus in 2020 and started taking care of a wise lady in rural Devon. At her home, she was taught the old-fashioned way of keeping house, where each day had an assigned purpose.

Album’s lead single In The Temple is a great example of what they have to offer. George Shilling (Blur, Primal Scream) put this album together with psychedelic folk and prog music to create an incredible sonic experience that’ll leave you with a nearly spiritual feeling.

The second song on Cantus is an awesome prog jazz number that’ll take your breath away. Billie’s voice is captivating and powerful which turns into a full-band experience. The Wash has a smooth jazz vibe that builds steadily.

The Rest, the last track on their amazing blend of prog rock and experimental folk, is a great way to wrap up the album. This song captures all the hard work that was done during the week, leading to a well-deserved day of rest. It’s powerful, with its piano and vocals, and will truly touch your soul.

The band is hitting the road and touring around England’s South. Catch them perform their latest album live.

Tour dates:
13/04 – The Acorn, Penzance
15/04 – The Poly, Falmouth
21/04 – The Barrel House, Totnes
22/04 – St. George’s, Bristol
28/04 – Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford-on-Avon
30/04 – The Space, Isle of Dogs, London
04/06 – Exeter Phoenix, Exeter