Big Yard’s ‘State of Mind’. A blend of nostalgia and innovation

"It reflects where I am today. It encapsulates the essence of my surroundings and the abundance of talent that surrounds me"
16 April 2024

Fresh off the heels of their debut single Proof, which infused country rock ‘n’ roll with a contemporary edge, Big Yard returns with their latest offering, State of Mind. A departure from their debut, this sultry jazz-pop number unveils a new dimension of Big Yard’s musical mastery.

At the forefront of Big Yard is Darryl Scotti, a shining star in the music industry. With a decorated resume that includes touring alongside icons like Ray Charles and producing for esteemed artists, Scotti embarks on a new chapter by teaming up with exceptionally gifted musicians and producers, Alex Chacon and Aaron Howard. Together, they gave birth to Big Yard, alongside their record label, Big Yard Nation, established in 2022.

“‘State of Mind’ reflects where I am today,” explains Scotti. “It encapsulates the essence of my surroundings and the abundance of talent that surrounds me.”

Big Yard epitomizes creative synergy at its finest. With a lineup featuring seasoned producers and a veteran singer-songwriter, this powerhouse collaboration crafts a diverse blend of contemporary rock, pop, smooth jazz, big band, and R&B, infused with a modernized and sophisticated flair.

Drawing inspiration from the sounds of icons like Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers, State of Mind is a smooth shuffle that transcends time. Scotti’s vocals radiate charm and sophistication, effortlessly intertwining with the meticulously crafted horn section, conjuring a deep sense of nostalgia and refinement.

State of Mind blends past influences with a contemporary flair, Its infectious groove and compelling lyrics invite listeners on a voyage through time and sound. For those craving nostalgia and innovation, it’s a must-have addition to any playlist.