David-Beckham-H-M-UnderwearThere are few phrases in the world that are quite as depressing as “stick to what you’re good at”. These are the words of the naysayers, the unimaginative, the stuffy and staid members of our society who would crush something great in its infancy.

There are undeniably some cases in which the expression applies, and many would argue that one of the most clear-cut among these instances is the odd phenomenon of sporting celebrities becoming involved in the world of acting. We’re not so sure…

No doubt, there’ve been some pretty unseemly moments in the history of sporting types taking to the silver screen over the years – heck, not everyone can act! – but on the whole, appearances by sportspeople in films have seldom been bereft of any entertainment value whatsoever.

Mike Tyson’s turn in The Hangover is an ideal example. This boxing great and ear-munching ogre of a man is one of the worst actors imaginable, delivering his lines in a stilted manner completely lacking in any real emotional intelligence. Mike-Tyson-HangoverFar from torpedoing the scenes in which Tyson appeared, these traits heightened their humour. There’s a tacit understanding between filmmakers, cast and audiences that its quite unlikely that actors recruited from the world of sport will really be able to act, and this allows us to enjoy the cameo for what it is, a novelty.

Then there are those who can act. Far from satisfied with enjoying a truly legendary football career with Manchester United and (in our eyes) heroically karate kicking a heckler in the chest, Frenchman Eric Cantona has gone on to pursue an acting career of real substance over the past decade, with appearances in the critically acclaimed Elizabeth, Jack Says and French Film to his name. Eric+CatonaCantona’s turns have won him a considerable degree of critical praise from an initially sceptical film world, proving beyond doubt that its more than possible to make the transition from sport to cinema not only with commercial success, but with real accomplishment and credibility.
Gabe Kaplan
Some sports stars simply have it all. Its why you’ll see David Beckham impressing on the pitch and wooing the ladies on the pages of Vogue, Arnie pumping irons with the best of them whilst enjoying a stellar (albeit comical) film career, people like Gabe Kaplan dominating on the poker table and enjoying online casino action at sites like intertopscasino.com one minute and making audiences roar with laughter the next. We’re truly blessed that these celebs didn’t just stick to what they knew…

If that leaves you feeling a little bit like the world is simply unfair, take some comfort in watching man-child tennis player Andy Murray’s terrible attempts to endorse washing powder on Youtube. These guys aren’t all super-human!

In many ways, it would be an understandable comment to pass in the cases of sports stars Unfortunately, there are one or two scenarios out there in which they make an awful lot of sense…

As much becomes clear