Big Brother twins
Big Brother twins Samanda are backing leading children’s charity NCH’s Growing Strong campaign, launching next month, to help every child and young person develop the self esteem, resilience and social skills they need to succeed in life.

The twins were celebrating their new roles as campaign champions with a surprise visit to children at an NCH Children’s Centre in Islington yesterday, where they gave a helping hand to the afternoon’s play session.

Sam and Amanda said: Everyone says that we have a really positive outlook on life, and much of that is because we’ve supported each other even when we were really small.

We think all children deserve to feel supported in the same way, and have the confidence to achieve what they want in life, which is why we are backing the new NCH Growing Strong Campaign.
NCH is launching its Growing Strong Campaign in October to highlight the huge impact emotional wellbeing has on children’s futures. For more information visit