So here we are – Day 1 in the Big Brother house.

Last night 81 wannabe housemates waited patiently as Big Brother chose his final 14 housemates for the eleventh and final series of Big Brother.6 men and 7 women entered the house first and one further housemate was selected, at random, from the remaining hopefuls via a draw from the tombola outside the circus themed house.

So, let’s meet the housemates who you will come to love or hate during the summer:

Age: 22
From: Dublin
Occupation: Student


So, here we have our usual Irish contestant – will she be as exciting as Brian or Anna the nun, I don’t think so…..Caoimhe says she is a bit of a diva and hates snobbery and people who look down on others because of their job, status or work; she thinks everyone is equal……….Expect some fireworks between her and Ben.

Age: 25
From: Bristol
Occupation: Financial Sales Rep


I think we are all going to end up liking our petrol drinking farm girl! Josie is the life and soul of the party.

Some of her more infamous exploits have seen her pull a moonie at a monk in Thailand, waking up in a graveyard, and breaking her arm doing a combat roll.

She believes in ghosts and claims to see them often.

Age: 29
From: Stockport
Occupation: Retail


It’s the Katie Price lookalike with her own 30G (real) boobs. Corin is bisexual and has been with her girlfriend for over two years.

A widower, Corin’s husband was killed in an accident at work just four months after they were married.

Corin rates herself 9 out of 10 for looks, and it would annoy her greatly if there were better looking girls in the house.

Corin will annoy the hell out of us but expect a clash between her and Beyonce lookalike.

Age: 25
From: Milton Keynes
Occupation: Professional Dancer


What is going on with the ridiculous names this year! Ife has had a taste of fame as one of Cheryl Cole’s backing dancers and she has been a backing vocalist on the The X Factor.

Ife is a self-confessed clean freak , she can’t stand things being dirty and is very particularly about how her clothes are folded away.

She is a bit of an insomniac and can function normally on a couple of hours sleep. She also sleep talks.

Age: 23
From: Nottingham
Occupation: Hair stylist


This is the Beyonce look-a-like or rougher version of Beyonce! She apparently checks herself out in the mirror up to 100 times a day to ‘check I’m still hot.’ Currently single, she has never been faithful to any of her boyfriends.

Her nightmare scenario in the house would be if Big Brother took away the mirrors.

Age: 24
From: London
Occupation: Film maker


GET HER OUT already! She called Shabby because of the way she dresses and she’s right “you look like sh*t, love and seen quite boring .Before getting a free holiday in Big Brother’s freak show, Shabby was living in a squat in South London.

Her film career as a child star saw her appear in Black Beauty and lose out to Lindsay Lohan for the role in Parent Trap.

She’s now returned to filmmaking from the other side of the camera and thinks ‘films shouldn’t be escapist; they should hold a mirror up to the world and show it what it’s really like’.

Age: 24
From: Peterborough
Occupation: Medical Student


And now ladies and gentlemen “a nut job who calls herself Sunshine!

She wants to be on Big Brother to show the nation that brains and beauty do mix and also has set her sites on becoming prime minister one day despite admitting she knows little about politics.

Well-travelled, Sunshine has had three near death experiences around the world; mugged at knife point in Tunisia; she accidentally overdosed on anti-malarial drugs in India; and was bitten by a poisonous spider in Australia.

Age: 39
From: Pontypool, Wales
Occupation: Minister


There’s always one religious housemate!

This ex-postman/ex-pest controller is now a Christian Minister who lives at home with his wife of 17 years along with his four kids, three dogs, six chickens and lots of rabbits.

David recently organised an extreme religious event on Barry Island called Sloshfest.

He looks like an older and fatter version of Mike Read and might not survive very long due his annoying laugh!

Age: 30
From: London
Occupation: Writer and Broadcaster


And there’s always one posh contestant who sounds like Hugh Grant!

Ben has already had a taste of fame starring on American Princess and Ladette to Lady.

He currently spends his time taking extra roles for TV and has written diary pieces for the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Telegraph.

His biggest secret is that he once had a relationship with a beautiful 18 year old before being seduced by her mother…he still see’s the mother.

Age: 25
From: Bingley, Yorkshire
Occupation: Trainee Joiner


This jack the lad, rugby player claims to be Yorkshire’s answer to Liam Gallagher and likes to be the life and soul of the party…but still lives at home with his grandparents.

The only thing interesting about Nathan is his eyebrows……if you can call that interesting. Up until the age of 18 he was 17 and a half stone.

He claims he could have his pick of the best looking girls around but his stupidity always messes it up.

His biggest crush is Charity Dingle from Emmerdale and he once gave Channelle Hayes his phone number but she never called.

Age: 21
From: Leicester
Occupation: Voluntary worker


Bi-sexual Govan entered the house wearing a ridiculous hat.

As a housemate he says he’s very messy and “the very thought of having to wash clothes is something I can’t be bothered with”.

He’s currently unemployed and is soul searching to discover what he’d like to do.

Right now Govan is single and has never been in love. He’s slept with 10 girls and 0.5 boys and claims to be very sexually curious when it comes to boys.

Age: 24
From: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Retired vehicle body builder


The ladies seem top be loving John already!

He’s only made it into the show this year after spending a fortune on the air fare from Australia.

John still lives at home with his mum but has his own independence after his dad built him his own granny flat.

John hasn’t worked since his father was killed in an industrial accident and he inherited some money.

At the age of 20 he changed his name to Achilles; his friend’s called him Chills but he soon changed it back.

He likes to think he looks like David Beckham.

Age: 40
Location: Leicester
Occupation: Ex HM Forces


The closest we are going to get to a Northern Ireland contestant in the house.

In 1989 when Steve was 20 he was injured by a bomb whilst on patrol in Belfast.

He lost both of his legs as well as an eye. He now wears a black glass eye which his kids love as he looks like a pirate.

Steve says he chooses to wear shorts exposing his metal legs.

“I purposely walk around looking the way I do. It’s better to be open about who you are.”

He will probably win on the sympathy vote!

Age: 28
From: Essex
Occupation: Unemployed


Poor old Mario – Big Brother has given him an impossible task!

Mario entered the Big Brother house wearing a mole costume.

He must sleep in the mole hole and will be asked to perform a series of dastardly deeds against his fellow housemates that he must complete without them realising he is the BB mole.

If he succeeds then he can stay. If he fails then he will be asked to leave the Big Brother house.

Born near Venice in Italy Mario is half British and half Italian. He lives in Essex and although now unemployed recently worked in McDonalds.

Mario is a massive Big Brother fan and he owns the diary room chair from BB7.