The Core by Mass Fidelity: The Portable Speaker System that Raised $1.5 Million on Indiegogo.the-core-by-mass-fidelity1This Core produces stunning cinematic sound, with smooth highs, crystal clear midrange and bone-shaking bass. It uses an acoustic holography technology to produce a stereo sound field that is astonishing in size and sound quality. It’s like listening to a pair of high-end speakers, except it’s coming from a device that’s small enough to hold in your hand.the-core-by-mass-fidelity3One Touch Multi-Room Audio with the Core Wireless Speaker System. Experience it for yourself.the-core-by-mass-fidelity2With the touch of a button you can wirelessly connect up to eight Cores throughout your home. No router or special application is needed, the Core creates its own 5 GHz dedicated network. Just push a button and voilà you have whole house audio! Each speaker can play a local source or receive music from one central unit.

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