DU BLONDE1Du Blonde – Beth Jeans Houghton’s surprising new reincarnation – shares as a free download ‘Black Flag’, the first potion of her new direction…”You slay me with what you say and what you do / Don’t try me, ‘cos I’m not in the mood”.

Speaking about the strong pop + rock n roll tune (available here), Du Blonde says: “I feel no need to ease people in. Black Flag is a good representation of the direction of the album. There are a few quieter, thoughtful tracks but the general mood is one of finally cracking. The record is a powerful release for me. It’s the result of finally sitting down and taking a look at my life, what I was angry about, what I needed to change.”

‘Black Flag’, like much of the forthcoming album, was produced by Bad Seed and Grinderman member Jim Sclavunos. Beth Jeans explains: “This is a new sound, a new project. Du Blonde is a new incarnation and one step closer to assuming my ultimate form. Having freed myself from the rusty and bloody shackles of Beth Jeans Houghton – both musically and spiritually – I felt it only right to step forth under a new name and let the rituals commence.”

20 February – Roundhouse Rising Festival, Roundhouse Studios, London
22 February – 6Music Festival 2015, Newcastle upon Tyne