Dreamy synth pop duo Best Youth have just re-released their debut album ‘Highway Moon’. Whilst the album was successful in their home country of Portugal, they have now decided to release it worldwide and surely pick up a ton of new fans along the way.

Opening the album with the laid back synths and bass of ‘Renaissance’, Catarina Salinas’ vocals instantaneously offer a unique dimension to the track, bouncing with upbeat melodies, whilst seducing the listener with its dreamy haze. ‘Mirrorball’ delivers the same electro pop feels. Catarina shapes the track’s borderline alt-pop edge to the already catchy beats and synth melodies, giving it Best Youth’s trademark sound.

‘Red Diamond’ is a ballad of beauty. As “No, I can’t give up” continuously rings out within the chorus, the mesmerising piano and synths contrast with each other, creating a no-nonsense track that romanticises and pleases. ‘Black Eyes’ and ‘Maybe We Can Still Be Friends’ are tracks that can easily be mistaken for one another, having similar tempos and melodies, the tracks fit together like a perfect puzzle, offering yet more chilled indie synth goodness and mystical key tones.

‘Mouth’ gives off more of a dark vibe, keeping the tempo relaxed, whilst ‘When All The Lights Are Down’ gives you the same melancholic feeling. Starting off with a lo-fi guitar intro that sends shivers down your spine, Catarina’s vocal manages to captivate you enough to listen to the song in its entirety. A perfect mid-album breather.

‘Fanatic’ reintroduces some upbeat percussion back to the album, along with synths that effortlessly respond to vocal harmonies along with ‘Sunbird’ in a similar vein, focusing on the storytelling and Best Youth’s poppier side. ‘Infinite Stare’ is another track where vocal melodies and tone seduce the listeners ears in an imaginative haze.

‘Ride’ and ‘Melt’ continue to charm listeners with dreamy synth and vocals that glisten through, whilst keeping the bass an important aspect throughout the entirety of the album. Closer ‘Rain On The Weekend’ finishes the album off perfectly, with a piano that echoes throughout the song, nestled between synth and bass and accompanied by the beautifully sung vocal lines, full of passion and emotion.

‘Highway Moon’ has a lot to offer to anybody partial to the electro-pop genre, but even if you’re not, there is bound to be a track you’ll relate to or let seduce you on this beautifully written album.

Highway Moon is out now via Station 5.