Best Ways to Relax Online and Offline

Whether you want to unplug and dive head-first into something creative or prefer to see how the virtual world can act as a means of escape, you’re sure to find something on this list of online and offline relaxation methods.
16th January 2024

Society seems to be going 100 miles an hour constantly – we crave immediate gratification, we experience information overload, and we feel pressured to compete, advance, and be more productive day after day. With all this comes the importance of relaxation, self-care, and taking time to just “be”. 

If you’re tired of the relentless pace of society, just like many of us, this article will help you reset. Whether you want to unplug and dive head-first into something creative or prefer to see how the virtual world can act as a means of escape, you’re sure to find something on this list of online and offline relaxation methods.

Find Calm Through a Creative Outlet

Creative outlets can help you find a deeper connection with yourself and positively impact your emotional and physical wellbeing. While you could practice something more refined, like crocheting or learning how to play a new instrument, bringing out your inner child by doodling or messing around with crayons is equally as beneficial. These types of activities not only let you express yourself but also provide an opportunity to disconnect from the demands of daily life.

Cook or Bake Up a Storm

Even if you don’t consider yourself a culinary marvel, the sheer act of cooking or baking can be relaxing – as long as you accept that the outcome might not be perfect! The kitchen can act as your sanctuary where you’ll experiment with flavours, ingredients and techniques, and embrace the joy of the process. Working with food is a fantastic tactile experience that can excite all your senses and bring you closer to the present.

Experiment With Journaling

Reserving some time for journaling in your day-to-day life can help you get out whatever is on your mind. Putting pen to paper is an effective therapeutic release for any thoughts and feelings that you prefer to keep on the down-low. Maybe you want to freely express yourself privately or need some alone time before you confide in a friend – journaling is your chance to shift your perspective, reflect on an experience or process your emotions. 

Get Lost in a Video Game

Take a little break from reality and transport yourself into a video game. Exploring an open-world landscape, getting immersed in an interactive story, or hopping online to team up or compete with friends – there are many dimensions to gaming that we can take advantage of to truly unwind. Gaming can be a mentally stimulating activity and provide you with a sense of achievement at the same time. Just be sure to take breaks and establish limits!

Get Moving With Some Exercise

The best part about exercise is that there are so many ways to sweat. It’s been said that exercise reduces stress – it’s good for your head and your heart. Maybe you want to simply deep-clean the house, get your stamina up with a few games of tennis or find some zen through a yoga flow – each type of exercise has its own set of unique benefits. And if you’re not confident about leaving the house just yet, there are a range of videos and guides online that can help you get started.

Take a Walk in Nature

Research has shown that immersing yourself in natural surroundings is linked to a wealth of benefits, such as lower stress, better mood, improved focus and enhanced cognitive function. With this comes the opportunity to discover some hidden gems in your city or town or tackle that trail you’ve always wanted to go on. Especially when you’re feeling lost or overworked, getting out and reconnecting with Mother Nature can provide a much-needed way to decompress.

Listen to Music

Music has a fascinating way of weaving through our lives. It can stir up emotions, help us process them, act as an outlet and encapsulate any moment deep into our memory. It’s often seen as one of the best ways to relax, no matter whether you’re more into calming classical music or uplifting pop beats. Creating different playlists and exploring different genres can also give you tailored soundtracks to different moods or activities, which can be done manually or through any streaming service.

Take Part in a Virtual Workshop

Virtual workshops are an accessible and interactive way to destress, have fun and learn something new. You could join a virtual themed cooking class, try out a photography class, enjoy a hands-on arts and crafts class or participate in a virtual fitness class – whatever piques your interest and contributes to a sense of relaxation. Thanks to the internet, there aren’t any geographical barriers to stop you from relaxing and doing something you love.

Download a Guided Meditation App

Need a little break from work or want to start or end your day with a moment of calm? Guided meditation apps are a nifty little way to recharge. Simply get out your phone and tap the app, and you can choose from sessions ranging from a few minutes to more extended periods of time – whenever you need them. They’re a fantastic and on-demand relaxation method to integrate mindfulness into your routine and access stress-relief techniques in the blink of an eye.

Try Your Luck at Online Gambling

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