20th November 2019
David Gray returns with ‘Through To Myself’.

Speaking about the new release, Gray says; ““The producer working on White Ladder, Iestyn Polson, used to play video games. Relaxation for him was blowing the shit out of things. Because all those games had loads of hidden chambers, when it came to mastering the album we had a few extra things lying around, including this track ‘Through To Myself’ which we decided to make a hidden track. People often put secret tracks at the end of CDs, so the last track goes on for about 4 weeks, but Iestyn said ‘There’s another place you can put a secret track, and that’s right at the front of the album, before zero’. So we put it before ‘Please Forgive Me’ and kept quiet.”
Sarah Proctor’s Say Too Much

Speaking about the track, Proctor explains “Say too Much is about falling out of love, whilst still loving that person you’re with. It’s about staying in something when you know you should leave but it being the most difficult thing to do. You can end up staying and hurting each other by saying things you don’t mean, or telling them you love them, but not actually feeling it anymore, which can be even more damaging.
Denzel Curry returns with a new short film from his latest album ZUU.

Directed by Jaimie Sánchez, Speedboat is “a metaphor for the consequences of opting into the fast life, a message propelled further by the video’s reverse narrative. Through cinematic shots, spoken interludes, and the Carol City landscape, the four minute video turns into a riveting drama about the gravity a single choice can make in the grand scheme of life...”
Sego – Sego Sucks LP

“Did Sego fool us and write a modern day punk album that could be played on the radio?
Sego Sucks is the cathartic result of a person like Sego’s singer Spencer Petersen, sorting his way through a natural resistance to being smothered by Modernism.
School of X – Destiny EP

School of X, aka. Danish producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Rasmus Littauer, explains: “There’s a synergy between the life I have in Copenhagen and the life I have abroad,” he explains. “You feel like you’re growing, and you feel like you’re opening your mind to other people, and then when I come home, I’m able to collect that and wrap my brain around it.”
“I think when you get older you realise that it isn’t about getting fucked every night,” admits the 29-year-old. “I live alone with my thoughts a little bit more than I used to. I think I probably used to flush it away.”

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