Best Mobile Games for Everyone in 2019

The gaming industry is growing since the inception of the mobile platform. Most video game enthusiasts search the Google Play or App Store for mind-blowing mobile apps for entertainment. It can be difficult to choose the best mobile games in 2019 because of diversity.

For those looking for a refreshing library or thrilling gameplays, this is the right place. Whatever the reason, we have the latest suggestions that are attention-grabbing. That is why we have come up with a list of the best competitive mobile games in 2019. Both the Android and iOS users are in for a great gaming experience. Although most are free downloads, some require a slight payment. Nonetheless, they offer an interactive and entertaining play on the go.

With a myriad of game genres available, we have selected an engaging mixture of racing, strategy, anime, and shooters. 

Best Free Mobile Games 2019

Play these Android-powered games without paying a coin.

  • Pokémon Go. Though it has been in the market for a while, it still has a popular player base. It is an augmented reality where players have to discover the location of the main character.
  • Sky Force Reloaded. It is a classic shooter game where the player eliminates the enemies and protects himself from attacks. With nine missions to complete, it is full of action and challenges at each level.
  • Alto’s Odyssey. It is an adventurous skiing mobile sport with simple mechanisms, elegant graphics, and a serene interface. Users should avoid obstacles by jumping while skiing and collecting redeemable items. 
  • Asphalt 9: Legends. It is one of the racing series in the Asphalt franchise. With 50 cars and a cluster of challenges, users are in for a ride of a lifetime. It has auto-acceleration, striking graphics, single and multiplayer mechanism.

Best Mobile Strategy Games 2019

Strategy games require critical thinking and careful planning to win. It is quite puzzling and suitable for deep thinkers.

  • Tropico (11.99$). The user takes up the role of the president of a tropical island to lead the people. It is overwhelming with strategies to follow to develop the right infrastructure, control the politics, and keep the people happy to prevent rebellions.
  • Holedown (3.99$). It is a puzzle that involves shooting the celestial bodies using mining balls. The player receives balls and shots upgrades by collecting crystals, which come in handy on later planets.
  • Battle for Polytopia. It is a battleground for the polygon tribes until the winner emerges. The free app has four tribes, while the in-app purchases have six tribes offering both solo and multiplayer options.
  • XCOM: Enemy within (9.99$). It is an upgraded series from the XCOM: Enemy unknown with new functions and weapons for countering the attacks form aliens. The player has to control the troops on a mission to eliminate the aliens from outer space.

Best Mobile Gacha Games 2019

For the gacha lovers, here is the list of the best anime mobile games in 2019 that are worth your time and money. Players spend real money to get the virtual currency used in gacha games. The mechanism is similar to a play casino where the gamers use money aiming to strike massive payouts at the end. To get a role, a player has to spin a slot or roulette wheel with the virtual currency. 

  • Brown Dust. It is a unique game requiring a calculative strategy and a strong team for success. Players need to collect all the nine heroes as they progress to the next level.
  • Azure Lane. A hero-collector, combat-style genre with manual and automatic control. One team comprises three submarines and six ships, and each level requires two teams at a go. 
  • Epic Seven. Thrilling graphics, significant heroes, a creative theme, and distinct functionalities make Epic Seven a must-have gacha for enthusiasts. It requires forethought with every move since the team has only four heroes who collect items for an upgrade during the gaming session.
  • Grand Chase. It is a unique anime with great characters; its profound storyline, various game modes, and fair gaming characterize the Grand Chase gacha. With a good strategy, players can progress successfully to other levels and emerge victoriously. The combat is not only engaging but also played in the real-time mode.


As the list may continue to grow with current trendy games, players need to keep abreast of the best mobile games in 2019. Check out the must-have selections and download any of them either for free or at a small price. The fun is about to begin; press ‘start’ and get lost in these remarkable and interactive mobile gaming products of 2019.