Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Couples In 2020

Buying gifts for couples is tough. Do you go for one joint gift or two separate ones? If you go for separate ones, you don’t need to worry about pleasing both people at once.
17 November 2020

By Vanessa B

Buying gifts for couples is tough. Do you go for one joint gift or two separate ones? If you go for separate ones, you don’t need to worry about pleasing both people at once. On the other hand, it does mean that you need to come up with two ideas. Then again, if you buy one present for both of them, you have to think of something that they will both enjoy, and that can be harder again. 

An ideal solution is to get a joint present that they can enjoy together because it’s more meaningful, but what are you supposed to get? Here are some of the best gift ideas for couples in 2020. 

Scratch-Off World Maps 

Buying somebody a traditional world map seems like a fairly tired and uninspired gift, but make it a scratch-off world map and suddenly you have the perfect present for a couple. They can scratch away all of the countries that they have visited together, so they have a record of all of the great times they spent as a couple. The longer they have it, the more meaningful it becomes and in years to come, they can look back on it and share fond memories of their travels. It’s the perfect gift for adventurers that love to explore the world together, and it’s a gift that they will continue using for years.

Experience Gifts 

Experience days have become a very popular gift in the last decade or so. Instead of buying somebody a material gift, you can pay for them to have a brand new experience. This is the ideal present for a couple because doing new and exciting things together helps to strengthen their relationship and allows them to build new memories together. Just make sure that you think carefully about the kind of experience that you buy and pick something that they will both enjoy. So that means: don’t pick a tandem bungee jump if one of them is terrified of heights. If you are really stuck for ideas, you can get a voucher and let them decide what they want to do, but it’s more thoughtful if you pick something especially for them. 


Classes are another great gift that gives couples the opportunity to spend quality time together. There are so many options to choose from like cooking classes, painting classes or dance classes. You could think of a hobby that they have shown interest in in the past or try something completely new that you think they’ll love. Learning something new together is a great way to build a bond and you never know, it may kickstart a new hobby that they enjoy together for years to come. When you are choosing a class, it’s best to pick something that neither of them has done before, so they can enjoy the learning experience together. 

Land And Titles

What couple wouldn’t want to be officially called lord and lady? But you can’t just buy real titles for ordinary people, can you? Actually, you can and it’s the perfect gift for a couple, especially if they like the great outdoors. There are companies that sell pieces of land in Scotland, complete with a real title. These pieces of land are part of a nature reserve and they will be able to visit it anytime they like. So, not only do they get a title, but they also get a place that is special to both of them that they can visit together. This is one of those unexpected gifts that is sure to get a great reaction when they open it. 

Custom Portraits 

If you know a couple that loves to put up tons of photos of themselves around the house, why not get them a custom portrait? Couples that like to celebrate their relationship in their home will love this idea. You can get them in all sorts of different styles, so pick a style that suits them as a couple. It’s a great, unique gift that is personal and special to them, which is far more meaningful than any other generic gift you can buy. This is particularly great for couples that have just had a baby because you can get a brilliant family portrait for them to put up on the wall. 

Date Night Dice 

Regular date nights are important if you want to keep the spark alive in a relationship. But when a couple has been together for a long time, it’s easy to get into a routine of doing the same old things or just skipping date night altogether. That’s why date night dice are such a great gift. They have a different date idea on each face so your chosen couple can roll them and see what comes up. It makes date night a lot more exciting and spontaneous and helps them to break out of a rut and try some new ideas. If they have kids, it’s an added bonus if you offer to babysit while they try some of the ideas.