Berry Juice & Josh Tobias Collaborate For Funky MESSIN’ AROUND

The disco duo Berry Juice and Josh Tobias have just collaborated with a brand new single, this one taking the form of Messin’ Around. They are known for past sounds including Need Your Body, and bring another groovy tune to the table this time around. Flickering synths and clean drum beats support Tobias’ eye-catching vocals – pulling each element together with slick finish. 

Berry Juice says: “Josh and I love the funk/disco era, and we wanted to create something that sounded fresh but also pay homage to that golden era of music. At first we started writing a typical love song but then we changed the story to one of infidelity to make it a little more exciting. The vulnerability of the lyrics match the soulful and mellow vibe of the track really well. The track starts with just suspicion but slowly builds to a climax where the sadness makes place for some angry funk. We loved making this track and we hope you love it too!” 

By Holly Frith