Berry Company2Did you know that a majority of us know if it’s going to be a good day by 8:12am? Waking up feeling groggy, sleeping through your alarm, losing your keys, getting caught in bad weather and waking up with unruly hair, are some of the culprits of being a signal of bad things to come.

Alternatively, this charmingly inspiring video, titled ‘A BERRY good day’, show how to have a good day…By paying for taxis, gifting them umbrellas and handing them an envelope of money.
“We are all too familiar with the sensation of waking up ‘on the wrong side of bed – says Khaled El-Yafi, founder of UK drinks brand The Berry Company – In our groggy, early-morning states it doesn’t take much to set us on a negative path, but our AM attitudes are also easily swayed by the little wins.
Berry Company1
Spending time with friends, getting out to do some exercise and even petting a cute animal are all ways we give ourselves a boost after a moody morning, while over a third receives a mental as well as the physical health kick after some fresh fruit.Berry Company3 43 per cent of us feel that the quality of their diet has an effect on their mood, with 30 per cent agreeing that eating healthily improves their state of mind.