BermudaCal: A rising star in the Hip-Hop universe releases ‘GOD’

The song's release is complemented by a compelling music video directed by Edd Roberts
31 January 2024

Rising as a new force in hip-hop, BermudaCal, an independent artist, is poised to make a significant impact with his latest single GOD. This track delves deep into introspection and doubt, setting the tone for his forthcoming album The Divinity of Doubt and generating buzz ahead of its release.

GOD is a track that balances introspection with intensity, mirroring BermudaCal’s own struggles with doubt. The song’s release is complemented by a compelling music video directed by Edd Roberts. Created with limited resources, the video is a testament to BermudaCal’s commitment and the supportive network of friends who helped bring his vision to life.

BermudaCal offers insight into his creative process for GOD, recalling how the track was born from a beachside session, with lyrics emerging spontaneously. This single and its accompanying video highlight the artist’s dedication and the support of those around him.

BermudaCal’s distinctive heritage, being born in Bermuda to Scottish parents, profoundly influences his musical style. His unique blend of jazz, hip-hop, trap, UK garage, and house results in an innovative yet traditionally rich sound. Influenced by artists like Post Malone, Frank Ocean, and jazz greats such as Dexter Gordon, BermudaCal’s music is notable for its melodic hooks and remarkable saxophone solos.

As BermudaCal prepares to release The Divinity of Doubt, his ability to merge various genres will be further showcased. Currently available on all streaming platforms, GOD is an experience that challenges and expands the boundaries of hip-hop.