BENJI BROWN Cements Popstar Status With LET IT ALL GO

By Vee D

Having already made a name for himself with his impressively crafted first two singles, exciting pop artist Benji Brown’s latest effort is a charming and calm reflection on past relationships, titled Let It All Go.

With its laid-back tempo and easy feel, the artist’s third single sees him reminisce in his lyrics on top of poignant, clean guitars and relaxing synth refrains. “Had one too many chances”, critiques Benji, who turns a sour topic into a message for self-improvement, with a vocal line that exudes nothing but confidence from the 22-year-old, as Let It All Go wrestles with how it feels to have to keep going.

Speaking on the subject, Benji, younger brother of world-renowned indie pop singer VV Brown, explains that “‘Let It All Go’ is about a past relationship. It’s about leaving someone behind when you didn’t want to but knowing it’s best for yourself. After some time, you try to reconnect again but the initial scars that hurt are still hurting, it’s time to let it all go and move on.”

After the releases of Yesterday’s Love and Déjà Vu saw Benji recognized for his ability and charm, he has quickly become a hot topic after only beginning his journey last year. With a proven track record of songwriting and vocal ability, Let It All Go shows just a little part of what the rising artist is capable of.


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