Belle Amie: three striking and full of joy and laughter young ladies that hail from Charlton (Esther), Scarborough (Sophie), and Dublin (Rebecca), blessed with angelic voices that fit in unison perfectly to complement their pop prowess. Fame’s Jonn Dunn was very happy to sit down with them for a quick chat.FAME MAGAZINE: Did you all go to school for singing or performing at all?
SOPHIE: Well, my Mum’s a music lecturer, and all my family’s musical. So I grew up around mainly jazz music.

REBECCA:I grew up around music, but never went to school for it; my family is all musical.

ESTHER: Yeah, I studied music for my GCSE’s, but I used to sing with my sisters, just the three of us, we used to do little shows for our family and things like that.FM:Since your experience on X Factor finished, have you had a solid group working with you since? Songwriters, for example?
S:We’ve got a mint team, haven’t we. We’ve had Keisha from the Sugababes come in and talked about songwriting. And Charlie, our music guy, who’s on Jessie J’s team; we’ve got a really good team, so they’re all helping us.

FM:As far as live performances go, do you have musicians perform with you?
E:We’re starting to. We’re in talks with a band now.

R:Eventually, we want a live band. That’d be amazing – that’d be the dream.FM:There’s a great live video of you performing acoustically in a hall on your website that’s really organic.
S:Yeah, we love doing that.

R:We’re just so musical, so we like doing that.

FM:Do you do your own vocal arrangements? There were some nice harmonies going on in that performance.
S: We didn’t used to have a lot of help on it when we did our covers. We’d arrange them ourselves.

E: We’ve also got a good ear, so we know what sounds right and wrong. Right from the beginning we knew each other’s voices, so we knew: ‘Right, you’d suit the lower part, you’d suit the higher part, you’d suit the middle.’FM:So, as far as social networking sites go, are you all involved in that or does management do that?
R: No, we do all that.

E: That’s why you’ll see the most randomest tweets.

S It’s our personalities. If someone talks on behalf of you, then no one gets to know you, do they.

FM:You’re gonna be playing a lot of gigs coming up, are there any places you’d like to play in particular?
R: Japan!

S: We want to go everywhere. We definitely want to go to Miami!

E: For all the places that we have gigged at, Ireland’s definitely the best place we’ve played so far!

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Words and Photos by Jonn Dunn