BELLA HUTTON Soars on Emotive Pop Gem ONLY YOU

By Moni Bell

At just 19 years old, singer-songwriter Bella Hutton has a wealth of musical talent beyond her formative years. Her new single Only You has a songwriting depth that most can only hope for, and you feel she has a lot more to give in the music industry yet. 

Having already featured on Spotify’s New Pop UK and Chilled Pop – she’s slowly building an online fanbase for her lush, emotive pop tones. Having struggled with dyslexia growing up, Bella discovered her love for music at a young age. A natural form of self-expression, she began writing songs that were honest and relatable.

Her new single showcases her lyrical and musical depth. Honest and raw, it’s a mostly piano-led track, exposing her incredible songwriting talent. 

Listen in full below: