Belgium’s rising rock Trio ODO Makes Waves with Debut EP

“It's about the complexity of being young, love, loss, joy, and disaster”
17 April 2024
Photo by Pieter Slembrouck

Hailing from Belgium, ODO emerges as a youthful, dynamic rock trio, gaining recognition for their inventive rock sound and electrifying live performances.

Crafted over two years and released via Noncha Records, ODO’s eagerly awaited debut EP, The Less We Are, The More I Am, presents a dynamic collection of seven tracks that delve into themes of loss, love, struggle, and grief. ODO’s debut EP seamlessly blends high-energy rock anthems with poignant acoustic ballads, showcasing their versatility. 

Commenting on the release, ODO shares, “It’s about the complexity of being young, love, loss, joy, and disaster”.​ The EP provide insight into the band’s musical evolution:

Oh My Mind features an infectious guitar riff and contemplative lyrics reflecting the struggle of seeking help.

What A Life rocks with high energy, exploring the complexities of love and distance through a captivating guitar riff and explosive solo.

Pretend tugs at the heartstrings with its semi-acoustic pop ballad style, delving into themes of heartbreak and self-blame.

How About You speeds up the tempo with its punk-influenced vibe, portraying the struggle to keep a relationship intact amidst conflict.

Fire is a classic love-driven rock ballad with a slow build-up and an epic guitar solo.

Long Way Down is a catchy classic rock song portraying the hopelessness of a failing relationship.

One Last Time serves as an emotional ode to lost loved ones, featuring a recognizable chorus that resonates with listeners.

Photo by Pieter Slembrouck

Their rise to prominence hit a high note with a standout performance at Gentse Feesten last summer, leaving audiences in awe at the Trefpunt stage. ODO swiftly caught widespread attention after opening for PJDS at the packed AB Club and dominating stages like Hindu Nights and Charlatan.