BELFAST punk band The Defects shot to fame in the early 80s with their unique style of punk music. Their energy, vibrancy and determination saw them sign with one of the biggest record labels of their time and go on to tour with bands such as The Anti-Nowhere League.This book is the story of their rise to fame, the pressures and struggles of the music business and what it was like to be a punk growing up in the midst of the Northern Ireland troubles.

After over 25 years away from the public eye The Defects are back and once again setting the pace for the punk scene of today.The book is dedicated to Carol Elizabeth Clerk, rock journalist and author who died in March 2010 after she lost her battle with Cancer.

Carol was a fierce supporter of the band and was instrumental in getting them signed by John Curd of WXYZ Records.

There is a chapter inside dedicated to Carol’s tireless support for the band and the inpact she had as a friend to each member.Author Tina Calder said: “There is something about The Defects, something magical, something I don’t think we will ever be able to put our finger on.

“Whether it’s Buck’s captivating stage presence as a frontman, Glenn’s vibrant and passionate drumming, Roy’s cool but intricate guitar solos or the energetic bass lines coming from Aidy bouncing around the stage I guess I will never know. One thing’s for sure, The Defects are back with a bang.”.SURVIVAL: THE STORY OF THE DEFECTS charts the birth, success, split and comeback of the band. It takes the reader through a unique journey including the story behind their anthemic song BRUTALITY as well as the story of how important journalist Carol Clerk was in their success.

£10, out now, published by Ravage Publishing (Belfast).
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