Lady Gaga sings about the paparazzi and she knows how to avoid them at Belfast’s Victoria Square. It is understood she had been booked in to have her nails manicured in House of Fraser in preparation for her big show but failed to show up.But after waiting patiently for around six hours the hope of either snapping a picture or grabbing a sight of the New York superstar faded.
A spokeswoman for Victoria Square said: “We had hoped she was going to come down and she will be more than welcome again.” Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball  amazing concert at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena was every bit as weird and wacky as fans could have hoped.
With a reported £1m spent on the production the evening featured four acts, 15 costume changes. Reserving her biggest hits for the finale, Gaga ends the concert pounding on the gates of pop nirvana.
Cramming in nearly every single song from her first two albums, the pace was almost headache-inducingly frantic, tunes crashing into each other. The pace only let up for an interlude at the piano, where she showed off her classical piano chops, powerful voice and girlish vulnerability.Neither Madonna nor any other pop star at the moment is doing anything this mind-bogglingly bold. Watching Lady Gaga is literally breathtaking.

Photos by ©Fabrizio Belluschi/