Bela Takes Chase2“Radiate” is the soulful and impressive song by (Australian) London based singer/songwriter Bela Takes Chase.

Her flawless talent is the center of her unique and stunning acoustic/electro pop soundscapes…

Can you talk about your new single – Radiate?

Yes! Radiate is a song that has gone through many different phases, but its now something I’m really proud of.

I think it has a very bright feel about it and I would hope that it would evoke that in the listeners.

Tell us a bit about your early days and how they differ from now?

I had a very folky start to my musical career.

I was a girl and a guitar I started gigging when I was 16 up and down the east coast of Australia. When I came to London I really wanted to experiment ( not that kind of experiment I mean with music).

I met my producer and we started to broaden the music and basically making my sound bigger. I’ve got the band now but of course I still hold on to the girl and her guitar, it’s a very important part of who I am and of course how I write.Bela Takes Chase3Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

I can usually feel a song brewing…. I will basically write it on piano or guitar and get a feel for it, then take it into the studio and me and my producer map it all out ,re write it again using different sounds then we go for a proper take!!

We are both perfectionist unfortunately, so we need to give our selves a deadline or will go forever.

What inspired you to make music?

I am not sure everything I guess, music has just been everything for me I simply can not live with out it and I gotta do it everyday!

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be and why?

I’ve always loved writing so I guess something like that, however I cant spell and I’d probably end up just being one of those people who sit out side coffee shops maybe in Paris or something and talk about the old days except I’d have nothing to talk about coz I wouldn’t have done anything with my life, and my French is not bonBela Takes Chase1What are your fondest musical memories in your house in Australia?

I had a few houses when I was growing up. From my first house near the lake I remember a lot of James Taylor always and Simon and Garfunkel. I use to listen to Mrs Robinson when I was 6 and try and figure out who she was.

My second house I was more coming of age so I use to listen to Metallica Enter Sandman really loud and jump up and down when everyone was out. I once jumped so  high when I landed I rolled my ankle and sprained it, air guitar is a dangerous sport.

What kind of music do you listen to now?

I listen to as much as I can. I think it’s really important for a writer, I still listen to a lot of Paul Simon and Billi Holiday, M83 youth lagoon Radiohead ohh theres so much good stuff to listen to!

What book are you reading at the moment?

I have a really bad habit of having like 3 or 4 books on the go and not finishing any of them. At the moment I’m reading Hermann Hesse “Demian” whilst also reading Charles Baudelaire’s “Flowers of Evil” and Morrissey’s bio my brother bought me for Christmas. it’s a lot I will get there

What was the last gig you played, what  did you think of it?

Ahh the last gig was my EP launch at the Islington it was very good! As in I had a lot of support there from people, and also supported by some great bands and besides my pedal stopping working it was hopefully a smooth performance….i hope

Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there My next show is a special one. It’s an acoustic set at the Bedford in Balham. I have got a great string section, there’s a trumpet in there and I’ve got a great rapper coming in on one song.

Plus a duet with a good friend and amazing writer Blair Mackichan. I adore him. He’s very talented. Its going to be like the Royal Variety Show ha ha but no acrobats or can still rattle your jewellery if you want….do come and join me and some mates for a beautiful evening.

By Fabrizio Belluschi ©