BEHARIE Shares Self-Titled EP

It’s a Stunning Collection of Soulful Alt-Indie Anthems

By JJ Disco

Norwegian songwriter Beharie has been stunning us with his unique take on soul & indie-folk over the past year. On his new EP, He’s showcasing the depth of his talent with a collection of stunning songs. Flowing from affecting and emotional singer-songwriter, right through to the more soulful side – it’s a totally unique project. 

Drawing upon an education rooted in classical and modern art, Beharie describes himself as a young, old soul – Beharie’s musical objective has always been to combine the soul and essence of older genres with a modern production. Self-categorised as RnB. it’s not a sound we hear throughout his work, but there’s certainly an outstanding songwriting talent in there. 

Beharie explains: “It’s definitely a mix between all the genres close to my heart. A mix between, soul, indie folk and r&b. It’s a reflection of my experience of being a human these last years. A great mix between love, growth, challenges and frustration.

Check out the new EP below:


Photo by Malin Longva