BEAUZ Team Up With Maggie Szabo On SAYONARA

Bernie and Johan Yang, better known as BEAUZ, are a powerhouse producing brotherhood that continue to channel their genuine love for music into each new single they create. Teaming up with vocalist  Maggie Szabo, the brothers breathe a breath of fresh air into the electronic music world with their new single Sayonara.

Combining their essential upbeat sound with melodic vocals, Sayonara dives deep into groovy deep house vibes and transports listeners right to the dance-floor of their favourite festival.

Discussing the track, BEAUZ said: “This song is a healing elixir that encourages people to move on from bad romances and negativity.”

Sayonara’ follows BEAUZ’s recent collaboration with vocalist LUNA on Bipolar, while also utilising the talents of Thatbehaviour. This is a wonderful track that will surely the them to the next level! Hear it above. 

By Holly Frith