Sometimes people who wear contact lenses and particularly those who are relatively new to contact lenses, are hesitant with regard to putting on makeup.

Indeed, you certainly don’t want to get any sort of makeup product in your eyes or on your contacts, as this can be very irritating and in some cases actually harmful.However, this doesn’t mean at all that it is impossible to combine contact lenses and makeup. You simply have to be careful about what products you apply, and how you apply them.

In fact, once you get used to combining contacts with your typical beauty products, you may even be interested to know that there are contacts that can work with your makeup to enhance your overall style and beauty.

The first step in getting used to the combination of facial makeup and contact lenses is to simply be sensible about when and where you apply makeup.

Obviously, if you have product on your fingertips and then dab your eyes with them, you may be subject to significant irritation.

So, simply try to remember to put your contact lenses in before applying makeup, and to take them out at night before washing off your makeup. This way you reduce the risk of your makeup products coming into direct contact with your eyes or contact lenses.Additionally, you may want to pay special attention to what sorts of makeup you are purchasing.

Many products are actually designed to be less irritating or hypoallergenic, and it is a good idea to try to incorporate such products into your routine.

That way, on the off chance that you do face an issue involving contact between makeup and your eyes, you will at least be reassured that you are not at risk for a significant reaction. It’s a relatively small precaution, but it is certainly worth it just in case.

Once you apply these tips for how to wear makeup and contact lenses at the same time, you can focus a bit more on the actual contacts, and how you might use them to enhance your beauty.

For example, did you know that some ACUVUE® contact lenses are actually designed in ways that enhance the brightness or colour of your eyes?

And others can actually completely change the colour of your eyes, should you desire such a thing. Through these sorts of features in contact lenses, you can actually make your eyes brighter and more unique looking while correcting your vision at the same time!

Throw in some carefully applied makeup and your eyes will look simply stunning.

By Asheley Daniels