BEAUTY: Dr Brant Collagen Booster & Pores No More

I don’t really get all the science jargon behind how this new Dr Brandt collagen booster works, but when I hear ‘younger looking skin’ I’m interested.

I couldn’t tell you how the engine of a car works but I drive so I say leave the science to the experts and let’s just have younger looking skin all round.

Dr Brant: Want to get perfect celebrity skin this season?

The serum helps to improve the tone and texture of your skin, it lessens the damage caused to skin during the day and helps the skin to maintain and replace it’s own natural collagen.

WANT to get perfect celebrity skin this season? Then look no further than Pores No More from Dr Brant.

It’s never to early to help stop the signs of aging, this product is for all skin types (even combination skin) and is available from Space NK, by telephone 0208 740 2085 and online at

By Gemma Garrett
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