Prepare for the experimental electronic adventures of ‘Ethic Endless Fun’ by Beatdenker

"Have as much fun as possible without hurting someone else (especially marginalized people and non-human entities, too)"
28 February 2023

Jo Wespel, a Berlin based artist, goes by the name Beatdenker. He’s quite innovative and plays his music using a guitar synthesizer and FX, finger drumming on the MPC, and arranges/composes live on Loop Station. For production he uses Reaper (DAW) and midi keys.

His latest album Ethic Endless Fun is made up of 10 tracks and is complex, ambitious, but also truly enjoyable. It’s filled with “Postcontemporary Beats” that you can’t help but appreciate.

Get ready for an outrageous journey with Ethic Endless Fun’s industrial beats that’ll blow your mind away. A totally unique, experimental electronic adventure awaits, be prepared for plenty of head-spinning fun.

Ethic Endless Fun Album is full of impressive tracks like Hello, This Is The Ethic Endless Fun Album, No, You Will Get An Ice Cream Today and Ok, I’ll Check The Tme Machine And Some More Beats, plus some wonderfully bizarre videos from Blas Lamazares Fraile.

He describes himself as “a guitar player, composer, producer, (rhythm) researcher, tutor, thinker, (festival) organizer, post contemporary, subcultural creator, feminist, real-utopist, common welfare orientated, motivator, supporter of marginalized groups, traveler, passionate laugher, part of Berlin Subwater Beats collective and privileged inhabitant of planet earth.”

He produces Dance and Electronic Beats Music, inventing Future Dance Steps. When he plays live, he likes to energize the crowd and make them move by following his cutting-edge electro rhythms. “It’s the coolest pleasure – explains Beatdenker – if people come after a concert and tell me that they moved their bodies in a way they never did before.”

Beatdenker dishes about the weird (and engaging) music video for No, You Will Get An Ice Cream Today, revealing: “My friend and great movie maker Blas and I went to Poland to make a music video for one of the albums single releases, the song “No, You Will Get An Ice Cream Today”. The idea was to walk around through amazing colorful flower fields doing different stuff with a funny futuristic outfit, but we were driving through half of the country and couldn’t find any flower. We could have saved ourselves the trouble and just shot somewhere in or around Berlin. But in the end, we found a cool place, something with lavender and stuff. It was a mixture of an exhausting, silly and funny trip, this is how you can spend your time as an artist, ha-ha”

For all his followers, Beatdenker has this message: “My three personal slogans: ethic endless fun, imagination unlimited, demanding power from below, means: have as much fun as possible without hurting someone else (especially marginalized people and non-human entities, too), imagine the most way-out things within your work or passion, push your creativity as much as possible to reach something new and (most probably most important) join at least one political, social, plural economic, future-orientated movement and fight for a better “world”. “

Photo by David Campesino