By Cathy Black
THE garage-rock band Be Your Own Pet, who have toured with the likes of The Artic Monkeys and Le Tigre, will be playing the limelight on Wednesday March 19.

With their refreshingly young and DIY attitude, the band is not only notorious for their lively, energetic shows, but for drawing their singles covers with crayons and making their t-shirts with a silk screen and personalizing them with magic markers.
Some straight-edge band somewhere a long time ago had the cry, “Yr only young once DON’T F**K IT UP!!”
This makes a lot of sense when you consider Be Your Own Pet. Be Your Own Pet like: caffeine, spicy food, T-Rex, Television, bicycles, Iggy & the Stooges, skateboarding, Afri Rampo, sea horses, Velvet Underground, asthma inhalers, Animal Collective.
Be Your Own Pet dislike: boredom, posers, posers, boredom, flat tires, runny eggs, lameness, boredom. Actually boredom’s pretty cool cuz then you can SMASH IT! Be Your Own Pet smash through it all.
Wednesday 19th March