BAYWUD’s delicate and heartsick indie-folk ‘Lullaby’

It's definitely a sad song, no question about it, and sometimes that's just something you need.
3 August 2022

By Vanessa B

BAYWUD has had a hard time of it this year but is making a comeback only strengthened by vulnerability as evident by the release of the delicately powerful Lullaby, released today. The LA-based indie folk talent takes a departure from his typically more soulful, mid-range vocal delivery with tenderly rendered falsetto and layered vocals creating an ethereal, dream-like feel.

Speaking about the vocal delivery on the track, BAYWUD shared his inspiration:

“I’ve always been a huge fan of male artists, in particular, who use their falsetto voice in their performance.  Bon Iver is a great example of this style.  There’s just something about the tone and the frequency that hits me in the most profound way.  So, I wanted to really challenge myself and find a way to include that in my own music.”

Lyrics like “kiss me goodnight / close my eyes one more time / let me sleep by your side and say goodbye / one more time” are simple yet heartbreaking and universally relatable, adding to the song’s versatility and impact. Meanwhile, gently picked acoustic guitar lines are punctuated by haunting, isolated piano notes and a bridge sees a temporary transition into a deeper soothing wave of vocals casting the listener into a further sense of despondency. It’s definitely a sad song, no question about it, and sometimes that’s just something you need. The artist expanded on the theme of love and loss as follows:

 “This song can easily be interpreted as a sad song to anyone listening.  However, it’s not really how I wrote the song.  Yes, it’s a song about losing someone.  But it’s more so a song about love.  It’s the one person who was always able to rock you to sleep.  The one person that you felt completely and utterly safe with. But for whatever reason, the relationship becomes stale or lost the luster it once had.  Or the relationship simply wasn’t a match.  But the love was always there, and it’s still there.  But it’s now a memory.  That’s the song.”

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