In a recent poll to mark the twentieth anniversary of The Simpsons, Bart Simpson has been named the nation’s favourite Simpsons character by the official Simpsons Comics. Simpson’s patriarch Homer came in second place and Lisa was third.

Simpsons Comics Brand Manager, Jo Browne said, “Picking up nearly half of all the votes cast, Bart was a clear winner – demonstrating the on-going popularity of Springfield’s anarchic first son with UK Simpsons fans.”
The top ten characters, as voted for by Simpsons Comics readers, were:

1 – Bart Simpson
2 – Homer Simpson
3 – Lisa
4 – Maggie
5 – Krusty the Clown
6 – Marge
7 – Mr Burns
8 – Ned Flanders
9 – Moe
10 – Santa’s Little Helper