The Barnum Meserve’s new album ‘When All Is Lost’ hits you with its dark, raging melancholy

Reluctant to adhere to the rules of convention, Nottingham trio The Barnum Meserve have abandoned the usual idea of a band needing guitars, and create their distinctive brand of epic rock with piano, bass and drums alone. Following the release of their debut album back in 2015, the band are back, and sounding more almighty than ever.

Taking you on an anthemic journey of sound, ‘When All Is Lost’ hits you with its dark, raging melancholy as opening track ‘Flight’ races with pummelling beats and the powerfully penetrating vocals of Leon Wiley.

The album continues in its cinematic intensity as catchy rock hooks are fused together with haunting, glitchy soundscapes in the vein of the likes of Nine Inch Nails.

From the riotous riffs and thrashing beats of the tracks such as ‘The Summit’, to the soaring, euphoric waves of ‘Break Them’, what remains apparent throughout each anthemic offering is the impressive, soaring emotion of Wiley’s impassioned vocals.

As an eerie magnificence glides alongside an overbearing mournful musicality in ‘Downpour’, and evocative, effervescent melodies flow throughout the likes of ‘Break Them’, each and every offering on this album exudes its own poignant power.

Ending the collection with the dark beauty and emotion-strewn grandeur of ‘When All Is Lost’, The Barnum Meserve have shown themselves capable of something quite magical with this latest offering.

‘When All Is Lost’, the latest album from The Barnum Meserve, is out now via 34D Records.